An Update From Our Prevention Program

By: Jennifer Chen

WAPI’s Prevention Programs focus on providing resources for healthy alternatives, coping mechanisms, and relationship building for the youth. During the summer, we continued without a break due to the youth’s need and high interest.

The Leadership Council met weekly and organized community events such as their annual Skills Defined Concert and anti-tobacco themed Break Dancing Battle, which successfully hosted about 200 attendees. They also coordinated relationship-building events including an over-night lock in at the Dungeon, a field trip to Lake Washington, and a camping trip to Lake Wenatchee. The Leadership Council is currently recruiting new members and planning projects for the upcoming year.

As for the Katalyst Program, classes continued with a more flexible drop-in approach. The program offers music and graffiti classes, which provided an assortment of activities including drawing and painting, and music DJing, production, and recording. We are always open to youth under 21 to join us so feel free to drop by!

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