Save the Date- Fourth Annual WAPI Luau!


Don’t eat lunch on September 22.  Why? Because the WAPI Luau is back!

Now a lot of you have asked about the wonderful food at our event.  We’ve gotten tons of compliments for the food and many of you have asked who cooks for us.  Well, we are pleased to announce that with somewhat mild to moderate pressure from the Executive Director, the Aramori’s (Miae and husband Kevin) have formed a catering company called “Paradise Catering.”

This year we wanted to showcase the food and the generous donations, both in-kind and monetary, that Paradise Catering has given to WAPI in support of our Luau.  So this year, come hungry and come ready to support WAPI at our Luau!

The WAPI Luau is scheduled for September 22, 2012 at the Filipino Community Center in South Seattle!

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