It’s Halloween Week-Great Ideas for Celebrating a Safe and Sober Holiday


  1. Have a movie watching party! Gather up all the movies you’re too afraid to watch alone, and screen those favorite horror classics. Add popcorn and hot apple cider or hot chocolate.
  2. Give out candy to trick or treaters. Don’t make your parents, partner, or roommate do it, you dress up and answer the door for all the little scary monsters out there.
  3. Volunteer at a pumpkin patch, haunted house or school activity. There are plenty of places that could use help to manage the hoards of hungry little goblins.
  4. Attend a meeting. NA, AA or any of your choice. Most have meetings throughout the evening.
  5. Have a potluck, with mounds of good eats. Potluck means you don’t have to do it all yourself, awesome!
  6. Go to a movie. Most people will be out and you’ll get the whole theater to yourself. Sprawl!

Or you could opt to do nothing at all. Plenty of folks around the world (and in the U.S.) don’t celebrate at all.

Have fun and be safe!

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