WAPI 2015 Kingpin Classic Teams

Team Name: Top RawMen                Team Captain: Greg Garcia      Amount raised: $0
Pitch: The Top RawMen have been representing for the Kingpin Classic since the first back in… eh I can’t even remember, 2007 or something? Anyway, support our team because we believe in WAPI and more importantly in the youth that WAPI serves.
DONATE to Greg’s Team

Team Name:
Jeri’s Curls                    Team Captain: Jeri Young           Amount raised: $100
Team Pitch: Hey it’s Jeri, captain of Jeri’s Curls. My team is supporting WAPI because WAPI is awesome and so are we!! Come one… it’s for a good cause and it’s good fun. What more do you need? 🙂 Please and thank you very much.
DONATE to Jeri’s Team

Team Name:
The Strikers                   Team Captain: Jamie Lee           Amount raised: $300
Team Pitch: We are the defending champs – need I say more?
DONATE to Jamie’s Team

Team Name:
Gutterballs                    Team Captain: Sam Garcia        Amount raised: $0
DONATE to Sam’s Team

Team Name:
I Can’t Believe It’s Not Gutter  Team Captain: BJ Yadao   Amount raised: $0
DONATE to BJ’s Team

Team Name:
 The Spinsanity Defense                Team Captain: Ian Purganan       Amount raised: $0
DONATE to Ian’s Team

Team Name:
Aurea’s Team            Team Captain: Aurea Calvo           Amount raised: $0
DONATE to Aurea’s Team

Team Name:
Maddie’s Team          Team Captain: Maddie Tabuzo     Amount raised: $0
DONATE to Maddie’s Team

Team Name:
Nandini’s Team           Team Captain: Nandini Rao       Amount raised: $0
DONATE to Nandini’s Team

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