Katalyst and Beat Shop

The Katalyst program is a youth driven music and art education program.  Youth and Adult staff share responsibilities to run workshops.

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  • Problem Identification and Referral
  • Technical training (audio engineering)
  • Hip Hop and Music Creation
  • Peer Group Support
  • Social Justice Based Curriculum
  • Drug & Alcohol Free Recreational Activities


Youth meet weekly throughout the ten-week program and learn music recording, song writing and music history.  Staff serve as teaching artists, providing technical assistance and hands-on education workshops. Guest instructors visit throughout the program, bringing their individual, dynamic style.

The Katalyst program is designed for youth to go at their own pace.  Teaching artists track youth progress through skills checklists.  Once checklists are complete, youth can test for certification and have access to the studio various opportunities.


Thursdays from 4-7pm: Katalyst-Hip Hop Workshop
Free after school programs for youth, everything from the history of Hip Hop to marketing and performing. Class runs September 17 through November 19, 2015. WAPI Seattle is located at 3722 S Hudson St Seattle, WA 98118

Fridays from 3-5pm: Beat Shop (Limited space available, with instructor permission)
Learn beat-making basics, music software, programming and sequencing, and so much more.  Sessions run September 18 through November 20, 2015. Taught by WAPI Prevention coordinator and Head Teaching Artist Kuddie Fresh.


Please contact Kuddie Fresh @ ext 20


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